Breaking the Silence

Seems appropriate after three years. And is a fantastic song.

It has been a while. Life happened.

Hello again! *waves*

I decided to blog again because it felt right to do so. The Thief and The Demon has been professionally edited, a developmental and then a line edit. What a difference! The 21 steps taught me a lot, and improved my writing generally, but there is no substitute for the impartial, professional input you can get from an editor. I, of course, resisted doing it for ages, concerned at the expense.

Instead I frittered time away. That was time and money wasted, truly. Months of burning through savings with limited progress. I should have taken the leap sooner, though I cannot deny and do not regret what I learned slogging away on my own. I am a better writer for that experience. I just wish my pride had not claimed quite so much time before I finally decided to employ an editor. Live and learn!

I read this advice in so many places, and will repeat it now as a chastened, penitent convert. Hire an editor. Do your research, check websites, find testimonials, but ultimately, take the plunge and hire a professional. It is worth it. My work is so much better than it was. I don’t know what grade I’d give it now, but I’m ready to go. And how cool is that?

There are still (as always!) a few more steps to go on the long road. I have a cover design, and it is awesome. Last beta read and grammar check/proofing is underway. It seems a good time to revist this blog, and provide a few updates.

If nothing else I need to complete my Critters posts with the clearly intended but never delivered Critter Two!

Anyway (I haven’t lost all my old habits!), it is nice to be back.

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