Blogging: I’m doing it wrong

I should really leave this page blank. That would serve my title best.

Minimalist humour – I’m incapable of it!

So yeah – I’m sure I read advice before I started about how to be successful at blogging, and part of it was to, you know, blog. Regularly. Often would be better.

It has been over 2 months since my last post. Oops.

I’ve been doing stuff, and things. Procrastinating at an Olympic level mostly.

I’m very close to the end of an edit of my book – so I stopped. It could be the kitchen ceiling falling in, or the decision to buy a new house that has delayed my efforts, and handy as they are as distractions and excuses, I cannot give them the bouquet of victory.

I’ve also read that blogs full of I’s are a bad idea – so we now have more evidence of my doing it wrongness. Frankly my dear…

I got the fear. I stopped. Choruses of Monty Python’s “Get on with it!” have echoed loudly. John Wayne told me to get back on my horse. And possibly to drink some milk. I’m not sure. I’m now irritated enough to get on with it, but not before one last delicious piece of procrastination – writing this post.

So I’m getting right back to work. Now. Well after I’ve made a cup of tea, can’t start work without a cup of tea...





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