The World Belt Series

Welcome to the World Belt! This is a sequence of stand-alone novels set in a shared world. They follow a single timeline and later entries may reference events in earlier books (as fun easter eggs!), but each is entirely independent and can be enjoyed in any order the reader desires. Enjoy!

The Thief and The Demon



“Bargain with a wizard, or wrestle a lion? Wrestle the lion, my child, for then you have a chance at life. A wizard’s bargain is death.”

Fistmar was living the good life, a successful thief in the glittering city of Aranvail. Then he got cocky.

Now everyone wants him dead. His old Guildmaster, enraged over a theft too far. The duke who believes Fistmar killed his son. The demon he became bound to by opening a spell-shrouded door.

Who framed him for the prince’s murder? And who would want to set the demon free?

Fistmar desperately searches for answers, and allies, to help him escape his fate. But no matter how far he runs, the demon is drawn ever closer by their bond, a curse Fistmar does not know how to break.

Wizards offer help, at a price, but can Fistmar risk making a wizard’s bargain?

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The Killer and The Dead

“Listen to this man’s story. It is illuminating. You will each write a report based upon what you hear. Pay attention. The three of you who produce the weakest analysis of his tale will be culled.”

“My name is Stahl. I kill people. I’m not proud of it, but I’m not ashamed, either.”

Strapped in a chair, compelled to tell his tale to unknown tormentors, Stahl recounts his life in the Mire, a filth-choked slum shivering in the shadow of an ancient necropolis where the dead hunger for living flesh. He tells how secrets led to blackmail and death, how vengeance led to guilt and paranoia, and how an unholy bargain taught him that it is your enemies, not your friends, who define your life.

But in a slum where everyone lies, what kind of truth can be expected from a killer?

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