My name is Roderick Macdonald, though I generally go by Roddy. I grew up Scottish, have become an American, and have always loved writing, even when putting it off a day or two here and there!

I have a tendency to smutty jokes, a love of rock and heavy metal, and a cat.

I have many collections. All incomplete. The cat shredded one of my comics.

I grew up playing snooker, and play pool with more enthusiasm than skill.

I am happily married and live in Colorado. I got off the plane here, and never left.

Welcome to my website. Glad you stopped by!

My first novel, The Thief and The Demon, was released in October 2017, look for it on amazon.com!

This seems like a good place to put my favourite quote from Roger Zelazny.

“Good-bye and hello, as always.”

5 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I feel lucky already – I got my first book out, second is in process, third is planned, and I have decided to resurrect the book of my lost 20s and 30s somewhere in there too! (It’ll be easy, he says, hahaha!) I love it here, and have visited Washington state a few times – fabulous place. Can’t see me leaving CO any time soon though!

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