Time and Money

Time is perhaps taken for granted too often, frittered away on frivolities. We know our time is theoretically limited, but live in a seemingly endless bubble of the mostly unchanging present.

Money is always there in our calculations of what we can do with our time. Our time can be prisoner to our available money. We earn money and dream of the freedom it can buy. But the money we earn does not appear capable of buying enough freedom. It gets us 2 weeks in Mexico.

The festive season is here again. Time has flashed forward, another year in the books, the bubble of endless present interrupted by the milestone of another year passing. A Christmas photograph showing the year’s subtle erosions is taken and sent to friends and family. Or not. I’m in the not camp, but it is a thing. The children growing and glowing do look cute – I am not unmoved. Time is marked once again – where did the year go? Money is to be spent – travel, gifts, parties, you name it, the end of year comes with a pricetag. We spend money to enjoy our time, and help others enjoy theirs. And then plan a new budget come January.

I decided to commit all my time to my novel recently.

I still waste far too much, but it has only been a week.

If I look at the monetary value of my time, spending it on my book is tremendously unwise.

I have decided the opportunity cost is worth it.

Committing to it now, spending the time and money, may be a way to break my cycle of procrastination. Money has this unpleasant habit of running out. Once it does I shall have to look back on the time and decide if I consider it well spent.

And it will be, because financial success or not, completion of this project will bring a satisfaction that no amount of money could ever buy me. So I really better finish in the time I have before the money runs out.

P.S. Who won the mega millions, do you know?

5 thoughts on “Time and Money

  1. Beautifully worded. I can completely agree with everything you have said.
    It is my goal to have completed my novel come the end of January (at least 40,000 words to go) a monumental task at this rate but a rewarding one toaaccomplish.

  2. Nancy Montgomery

    Writing can never be a waste of time, similar to reading (withholding contrary thoughts about Nicholas Sparks books). Neither can holiday preparations or spending time with friends, as far as I’m concerned. But thanks for the reminder about my continued erosion – at least I don’t put my own decaying face on my holiday cards. 😎

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