Days Go By…

And still I think of you.

I’m going to continue opening with a song. And then listen to what follows as I write this entry.

I’ve been thinking about new blog posts, but they did not manifest. I’m not sure why. At first I didn’t want to do that thing where you start with a rush of blogs, then they peter out. So, brilliantly, I decided that dead air was preferable. Sometimes we accidentally strive to defeat the point of a thing.

I discovered booktube. There are a ton of very cool and talented people sharing their opinions about books there. I have lost entirely inappropriate amounts of time watching various top 5’s, tags, and book discussions. I stumbled into booktube after randomly searching for something else about editing/self publishing, and found it far more fun and diverting!

No. Vlogging is not in my future. My immediate future anyway. Let’s see if I can blog more than once a month first!

Great advice can be found on YouTube in particular and the internet in general about writing and publishing. I’m not going to list or link here, because I feel people should pursue their own searches, and find what works for them. A bearded dude with stone tablets I am not.

I tend to check multiple sources, in order to sift through the repeated trends in advice and find fascinating differences. I even take notes. With a pen. Old school. Also, sometimes hearing the same ideas expressed in a new way can really help them hit home – hence multiple source checks! Anything to help new information stick. As a result of my layered approach to picking up advice and ideas, I’m leery of going crazy with recommendations both because what catches my eye or ear may be of no interest to you, and a single link does not really reveal either how I got there, or what I specifically drew from it. So I wouldn’t want to mislead. Seek and ye shall find is very true when facing the treasure trove that is the internet.

Given I’m not inclined to dish out advice, I will say you may well end up sitting through a few videos where you start thinking, “Hmm. This person is waffling and not getting to the point of the video as outlined in the title. This is a teaser video for a product they are selling isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. Damn, I waited too long before clicking away.” Some good ideas can still be had, but it can be a slog to get to the diamond buried in the rough of saleswaffle. Hey ho, that is the information seeking life.

Time to finish. Here are two words I came across today that I had never met before. They are not immediately related.

Phlogiston and Hebephrenia. Enjoy!

The long road to editing completion beckons. Time to ramble on. No music link there. I wish you well!

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