The Killer & The Dead On Sale

Hi folks!

In the UK and USA my latest novel, The Killer and The Dead, is now on sale, and will be until the 18th of June. Please consder buying the ebook for 99 of your cents or pennies in those countries.

The good people at Fantasy Book Critic considered TKATD to be one of their intriguing titles from SPFBO 8. Have a look and see if you could be intrigued too, by mine, or any of the other 49 books mentioned over their two excellent entries. SPFBO shines a light on a lot of unknown (and some known) authors who have the fortitude to put themselves out there for very public judgement. Every writer in this, and all past competitions, has my respect for taking the plunge and hitting send on their entry submission. I salute you all.

But back to the point – buy my book, dammit – it’s all cheap and stuff! For those of you around the world who cannot take advantage of this sale – fear not – when I am eliminated from SPFBO, or, if I should by some wondrous chance win it, I will lower the cost of my ebook worldwide to these sale prices for one month, and let you all know in advance! That way my Indian, Brazilian, French, Japanese and other friends can all pick up The Killer and The Dead for a song. A Dio song, that is! (No joke, I just watched the official video for the first time. I love Dio, but boy could he lay on the cheese sometimes! However, I prefer the full length version, so that’s the link! Official video here.)

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