A Promise Fulfilled – TKATD Worldwide ebook Sale!

So I clearly commentator cursed myself, as no sooner had I promised I would put my ebook on sale in all amazon markets outside of the UK and USA after my book was eliminated from the 8th SPFBO, than my book was eliminated!

‘Tis the nature of the beast, drat it. My very best wishes to all who remain in the running!

BUT! This means that I have reduced the price of The Killer and The Dead in ebook format to rock bottom in each and every amazon marketplace outside of the abovementioned two, for at least the next month, perhaps longer! So my friends in India, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and yes even those crazy Canucks – help yourselves to a slice of grim pie for cheaps! And then, read! And then, as a verified buyer, LEAVE A REVIEW!

Did I all-caps that? My apologies. Very un-british of me. I shall also cease my exclamation point abuse forthwith, as it does rather lower the tone.

Be that as it may, my second book is on sale worldwide now, and for the forseeable future. If you live somewhere within range of those markets, do consider picking my book up for a song. Yes. The same song as last time.


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