It is happening! Find the fun community on Facebook here!

My plan is to read all of the books drawn into my group of 30 before the axe starts to fall. Ok, before the end of phase one.

I’ve read one so far. I liked it, but it was somewhat tonally uneven. There were some killer lines in there that I really appreciated as a writer (I mean I loved/envied – is there higher praise?), and a strong finish. No, I’m not naming it. I’m well into the second and will say nothing more until I’m done.

In the past (i.e. my previous entry into SPFBO) I was way too invested in the outcome. And was crushed when the axe fell, like it did on 97% of the other entrants who did not make it to the finals.

This time I’m along for the ride, and here to help my cohort. We are all on the Before We Go Blog. Check us out here!

So here is to you, my fellow SPFBO entrants – live long and prosper!

And again, my thanks to Mark Lawrence for making this happen, and the 10 book reading blogs giving their time and talent to this competition. You make self publishing fun.


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