PreLaunch: No Time for Fear

Only a few days remain. Not to be dramatic or anything, but this is the culmination of a lifetime’s effort, and a childhood dream.

However, the important thing is this: I believe I’ve written a book that’s worth your time to read. And enjoy rereading. I really do believe this, when I swat away the gnats of doubt fizzing around my head.

It is easy to hit them – they’re the size of cantaloupes.

I hope you will read my book, and I hope you’ll tell me, and others, about it, and why you liked it, and what problems you may have with it. The gnats tell me it has flaws, every book does, but I’m more interested in your opinion than my own on that score. I can learn from you; I hear my own blather all the time.

So please, after you have read my book, share your opinions of it with me, with the world. Amazon likes verified purchase reviews, and so do I! Goodreads is waiting. Booktube beckons. I’m confident you’ll like it, but I’m ready to listen and learn. Your experience with my story and the characters that people it is important to me because now is not the time for fear, now is the time to embrace the fact that my book will soon belong to you, the readers.

Thank you.

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