My Book has Launched!

The day has finally arrived. Hard to believe after all this time that the work of writing is done, and I am a published author. My book, The Thief and The Demon, is now available for sale as an e-Book and paperback, online at It still seems crazy to say that.

Now that the creative work is complete, it’s time to encourage people to buy The Thief and The Demon, and I’m learning how to do that. On my website there is a handy little button just to the right of this text. You know the one, the ‘a’ with a smiley arrow beneath it (you may be seeing it right now!). Press it and you will find my book waiting for you. On my Facebook author page, look for the blue “Shop Now” button, or visit my shop for links to all the book’s formats. Yes, I have a Facebook shop, which is hilarious to me. The book also has an entry in goodreads, along with a terse, non-spoilery review. You can’t buy from directly from there, (though of course there is a button leading to you know where!), but it’s another way to get the word out.

As people buy my book (and a few strong supporters already have – thank you!), it’s becoming real for others, not just what I imagined they might think of it, but actually theirs. As I’ve said in other blogs, the book is now no longer my own, and that makes me very happy. I truly do look forward to your thoughts, whatever they are. Although everyone says not to read reviews, I know myself well enough to understand that there is zero possibility I won’t look. I just will. Maybe not immediately, but sooner or later, I’ll feel brave enough, and click… And I will try to take the advice of thousands, and not get sucked into answering the negative reviews when they inevitably come, but will try to learn from them, to become a better writer.

No book is universally lauded, or loved. I think I’ve produced something that many will like, but not all. It has champions already, though I believe that they have some discernable bias! I hope it finds its way into friendly hands and eyes.

Why am I not leaping up and down with wild excitement? Because I am calm. I am content. I am an author. And I know there is a lot more work to be done. I will be giddy when I’ve earned it, though I admit it is breaking through here and there despite my best efforts to stay focused on the many tasks at hand!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope for taking the next steps of the journey with me, into life as a published author. Have a beautiful day. I know I will!

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