Countdown Part 3: Ignition

It’s hard to believe I’ve reached this point, but the formatting of my first book is nearing completion. Soon, with the final text and image files in hand, there will be no impediment to launching The Thief and The Demon, only hesitation and the desire for everything to be “just so” before I hit that button.

The starter motor is rumbling, signaling its readiness to fire up the main engines. I feel more strapped in than ever, part of a process that cannot now be stopped, and that I don’t want to stop, but which still causes thrills of excited trepidation to shock through me. This is really going to happen, after a lifetime of waiting. Unlike the tortured analogy of a rocket launch that I have been indulging in, releasing a book does not require all preconditions to be perfect, which is lucky for me, given my rather incomplete systems check last week!

I still have some time though, to run through my checklist, to get as many more tasks completed as possible prior to launch, and to have those things that must wait until after launch to be implemented, like the Amazon and Goodreads author profiles, ready to go. This is also the time to take a few deep breaths and remind myself to accept that I won’t have everything exactly where I imagine I want it, that this is a learning process, and that I will get better at this in the future.

This is also a time to enjoy. These are the moments when all things remain possible, and one thing is certain: there is a particular monkey on my back that has ridden with me for a long time, but he isn’t coming with me on this journey. At long, long last, I will be free of him. I think I’m standing taller already.

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