Coffee-Fueled Digressopedia, and Book Update

Hello friends and the occasional relative!

I know, weekly update, don’t expect this to be a long-term thing. I’m having a burst of consistent output, which is fabulous, I have a deadline, which is motivating, and I’m writing, which is the whole point.

So I’ve written another couple of chapters of The Slaves and The Djinn this weekend. (SPOILERS FOR AN UNFINISHED NOVEL—YOU HAVE BEEN SHOUTILY WARNED: I’m beginning to wonder about that title because one of the slaves does not consider themselves one, so it isn’t strictly accurate, from a certain point of view (thanks, Obi-wan), and the other slave is not my MC, so can’t go hogging the title. That isn’t the first version of the title anyway, so I may put some thought into an alternative, but it’s the working title for now.  (The Gardener and The God-Flower anyone? LOL! (Oooh, or The Gardener and The Goddess?))END SHOUTY SPOILERS) <– Parentheses-tacular.  And before the parentheses, I, in the process of writing over the weekend, amalgamated 2 chapters from my plan into one, so now, unless I split a later chapter into two, the book will be 32 chapters long, and I am now 62.5% of the way to completion of my edited-as-I-go version of the book.

Still no graphic bar for the % progress.

I am right in the guts of it now, the nitty-gritty of my protagonist facing her flaws and her fears. Not easy, but I’ve decided to get it all out, and then review the overall shape and progression of her character arc once I get to the end. I sense I will have to shave and move elements here and there to make it smoother, but that is not a surprise, nothing is going to come out perfectly formed.

But, having spent what felt like three years editing The Killer and The Dead, (it was over three years—ed.) I have promised myself I will not do that again. (So that book is obviously perfect (/s!) and you should go read it—if you want to wallow in darkness a while!) I have a lot of projects I want to get into, so bogging myself down in endless tweaks is not beneficial. I also have a plan to edit and rewrite (bits of) the Great Book of My Youth™. (I’m not saying it was great in terms of quality (it will be!)—it just was the thing that I spent a huge chunk of time on, so great in terms of duration.) I want to save my editing mojo for that task. And why would I resurrect that book? Can’t recall if I’ve shared this before, but my wife said she’d publish it if I dropped dead, so I figure I should dust it off and release it when alive rather than leave it as a literary corpse to be jolted into a semblance of life by my long-suffering other half.

I also want to start plans/outlines for my Heroic Fantasy ™ novel which is the one I now plan to write next. I’ve been writing little snippets of lore and character, and two openings for the book I fused into one to see how it sounded/looked on the page. (Good.) I did have ideas for a book called The Red Palace (mentioned in an earlier blog—ed.), even wrote a few chapters, and I came up with a great idea for a character called the Saint Slayer and his world and story, but I need a break from the grim.

So just this week I came up with an OG Star Trek episode (sweet but sad ending and could have been a Reginald type brief arc across a season), a Warhammer 40Kish (not actual—I know virtually nothing about it—I did play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay back in the day, so I know a bit about its origins, names of some chaos gods etc.) murder mystery, and an update on my ideas for a run on Batman, as you do. So 3/3 grim there, dammit, though the ST episode truly is a celebration of how awesome Starfleet officers are, even the unsung ones.

I have random ideas, and sometimes I write them down, for fun. Doesn’t everyone?

Anyway, old fashioned good vs. evil is what drew me into reading and then writing fantasy in the first place (huh—I could do a “Why I Write Fantasy” shaped blog about that—been a while since I did one of those!), and it seems like now is the time for me to do my homage/contribution to that venerable variant of fantasy.

First things first: keep progressing toward 100% on this novel. I’m getting there. Sorry about the parentheses this update, I just went there with the digressions. One more cup of coffee…


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