Update on World Belt Update

Hello friends and the occasional relative!

Quick update on my recent World Belt update. I totally based my timetable on the mental conviction that the book will be 31 chapters long. Wrong, it will be 33 chapters long. What I’m saying there, is I wrote this great, really detailed plan for each chapter of the book, and then forgot how many great, really detailed chapters I detailed. It happens, I was being optimistic and wanting to be finished sooner for you guys. So by my new reckoning (not Shire) the completion date of the edited-as-I-go draft should be June 10th. I’m still aiming for May 27th though. A deadline is a deadline, and this one is great, and really detailed. Beating that to death, aren’t I?

I challenged myself by being sick for 8 days with the flu – I got swabbed to find out what it was, and knew I was better when I wrote on the 8th day. Which according to Kiss, is when god created rock’n’roll. But I did lose most of two weekends that way. However once I was better I did crank out 2 and a half chapters to get back on track, LOL!

I also have these things called vacations booked at various times between now and the deadline, and though I often take a laptop with me on these jaunts and promise myself I will work, I think I once wrote some of The Thief and The Demon on a flight to New Jersey. Once. Nice chunk though, made it into the final manuscript.

So, I have challenges, but am motivated to meet them. Wrote another 2 chapters this past weekend, still need to revise them, but that is my prep for the next writing burst, and works well, along with the sounds of Stellardrone, to get me into the writing zone, and the character space.

Anyway, I am 54.54% of the way there. I should turn that into a bar graphic representing progress. But I’m probably not going to.

Being sick also meant I haven’t been on the treadmill, so my SPFBO reading has stalled, again. I’m reading Green Lantern for the first time though. Geoff Johns Omnibus Vol 1. It’s okay. I wanted to like it more. There have been some good moments, but nothing that has hit me as great, which bums me out because I was hoping for that. I think had I been a fan of GL and wanted to see the redemption of Hal Jordan I’d’ve been stoked at this. About 1/2 way through, so plenty of action to go. Sinestro wars, baby – looking forward to it! (Oh! there was a great double page spread where the corps said the oath in unison, and that was a real hell yeah comics moment – see, there was one! I read the comic as I’m falling asleep mind, so not necessarily the best time, but it has kept me up too late a few nights – so it seems I was being a bit harsh initially, ho ho!) 2000AD, and the Jeph Loeb Batman are hard acts to follow though. Been a long time since I read 2000AD, I miss it.


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