The Writing Life: Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

Good evening.

30 minute dash.

Someday, if you own a car old enough, you too may experience the joy of locking your car with the keys still in the ignition, and the engine running. That’s what I get for owning a 1999 vehicle, and wanting to beat a dude in a red shirt into Jimmy John’s for a sandwich.

Editing software: it’s great, but just finds more things to fix. But beware, not all fixes are genuine. Trust your instincts, folks.

Yes, I’m still editing The Killer and The Dead. I’m getting closer, honest.

SPFBO has been fun so far. I’ve read a lot of the “Look inside” sections of my fellow entrants, and have been very impressed/intimidated by the talent on display! Being Scottish I am convinced my book is in a Group of Death. (This is because I’m old enough to remember Scotland going to the World Cup, and inevitably ending up in one.)  Just like everybody else in the competition really, because there are no easy groups in SPFBO. Once again, best of luck to all my fellow writers.

I’m still debating appendices for TKATD. Perhaps on a 30 minute dash tomorrow I should try writing one. Hmm, pool league. Maybe not. Thursday. I’ll blog it out in rough-and-ready glory.

The dude in the red shirt got his sandwich before me.

How did jobs operate before email? Did people circulate through offices delivering memos on square pieces of paper with the word MEMO stencilled along one edge?

I think dark and stormy nights should be reclaimed for literature. And passive sentences.

Ok, let’s call it 20 minute dash, with pauses. I feel the need to brush my teeth and then hit the hay. I have changed my role at work recently, (part of the reason I have been blogging less in recent months has been work related) and tomorrow promises to be an interesting day.

I just finished The Hound of The Baskervilles, and am lunch breaking my way through The Complete Sherlock Holmes. I need more Moriarty. I’m not optimistic I’ll get him. After this I’ll take a break from the Victorians. (I read Moby Dick and The Idiot recently. Loved them both. Did Moby Dick have a dark and stormy night somewhere? The language in that book was just so much fun!)

That’s it. Ciao.




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