The Writing Life: SPFBO Time

Hello everyone,

This time last year I didn’t pay attention and missed out on entering The Thief and The Demon into the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. This year I did. As of time of writing there are 163 entries into the competition, so if you have a self-published fantasy novel out there for sale which is first in a series or a stand-alone, you still have time to enter. The rules of the competition are here.

My thanks to Mark Lawrence for dreaming up this idea, and for supporting it now for 5 years.

One of the things I love is that it doesn’t matter how old the book is: I was desperate to get The Killer and The Dead out early this year so I could enter it into competitions that are limited to entrants from this calendar year only, now that I’m looking at it not coming out for many more months I find myself wondering if I should delay release to next January for that reason, so I can enter any and all 2020 competitions without any problems. That seems a strange rationale to use to delay a book launch, but I can’t deny it is factoring into my thinking.

There is still time, and 137 spots remaining! If you have a fantasy novel you want to share, do it now!

Best of luck to all my fellow entrants, much appreciation to the intrepid reviewers, and a huge thank you again to Mark Lawrence for making this happen.


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