Not an update, a Sale

Hello, my friends and the occasional relative!

I have officially left the recently completed book alone for over a week, and will let it rest a while more before reading.

In the meantime, because I am chronologically challenged, and just to prove you can read my books in any order, I have sales of my books set up in reverse published order!

This week, for viewers in the UK and USA, the ebook version of The Killer and The Dead is on sale at deep discount. Sale ends May 1st.

Next week, again for viewers in the UK and USA, (I wish I could put on sales worldwide—but I do have a history of randomly making everything .99 or equivalent, so cheap price eras do happen all around the world), the ebook of The Thief and The Demon will be on sale, May 1st– 8th.

So yes, this means for one shining four hour window on May 1st you could, if you were in the UK or USA buy both, yes both books for next to nothing! Cost of living crisis? Not for these jewels of literature!

That may a tad over the top, but the truth is that sales are happening now and soon. Check them out; invite your friends and the occasional relative to try some handmade, homespun, heirloom writing free from any ChatGPT interference! And yes, in the future there will be labels on my books saying “All natural, no AI was used in the making of this work of fiction.” Because those stickers will be necessary my friends. Yes indeed.

But until that dark day—tell people that there’s a sale on!


One thought on “Not an update, a Sale

  1. Jason

    Ya know, while that mention of putting an AI free label may seem conspirational… I actually get the idea.

    There’s a big movement going on here at many levels. We’ve always had “origen” things for wine or cheese, etc.

    Something else that is relevant but that I now forget. Anyway… don’t knock it.

    Good luck with the sales Roddy!

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