The Writing Life: Thinking about Analogy

Today, when not drowning in work, I was thinking about analogies and metaphors and dusty tables.

That is all.

I also decided that I would set myself a small goal, and if I met it, I’d write a blog saying I had met a small goal.

Because that is the kind of thrilling hi-jinks people come here to experience.

My goal was to make at least ten decisions in copy editing my text. A mere ten. I figured that if I managed ten a night, and then wrote scintillating blogs saying I had achieved this feat, well, before I’d know it I’d have made more than ten changes to my book, and be advancing (at a curious pace) down the avenue of Eventual Victory.

Oh yeah.

So I set my goal of just ten. I’m going to brag and say I made more than twenty. Big overachiever, me.

But you know what? It feels pretty good. A q-tip cleaning a smudge at the corner of a glass table perhaps, but progress between long days was made.

I stopped because I got to a thinky change that would require me to concentrate on the contents of more than a paragraph or two to analyse the effects of the possible change my editor had asked me to consider. That can wait until I have more mental energy.

Ten more tomorrow. Tonight, a small win.

See you again soon!

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