Meet the Author… and buy Christmas presents for the readers in your life!

This December I will be a vendor up in Georgetown CO, at the Christmas Market Book Nook. It runs over the first two weekends in December and showcases a great deal of Coloradan writing talent! Fiction, non-fiction, genres of every flavour, there is something for everyone, and all wrapped up with a bow of getting to meet the author! How can you possibly resist? I make my appearance with twenty four other writers of quality and charm on Saturday December the 8th from 10am to 4pm, and will be available to talk books and writing. (Or the weather, I can do weather talk all day – benefit of a Scottish upbringing!) I will also be selling copies of The Thief and The Demon, and will have some promotional material for The Killer and The Dead, which will be closer, but not yet at the cigar stage by then, I suspect!

So come on up and meet some Colorado’s authors in historic Georgetown! We are jolly purveyors of Christmas presents for the happy readers in your lives!

I will also shortly let you know when pre-orders open for The Killer and The Dead, and will be sharing a first look at the cover art! Stay tuned folks!

Here endeth my latest foray into exclamation mark abuse. I truly apologise to those scarred by this grotesque display.

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