We’ll talk about this later…

But for now I’d like to say I’m “Today’s Featured Indie Book Review” on Kirkus.

Find it here.

I’m pleased with what they have to say. Bottom left of the page.

Check it out.

EDIT: now that my day in the sun has passed, you can check out the review directly here.

And if you have read and liked my book, feel free to endorse the review on their site.

And anywhere else, of course.

Just sayin’.

7 thoughts on “We’ll talk about this later…

    1. To be honest, I wanted to edit the review and fix the language…. hahaha! I’m too deep in editing now to see much without that lens in place!

      To be more truly honest it was an intense release and relief to get a review that I regard as positive. I laughed like Van Helsing in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It (the review) spoke only of positives, and made specific mention that plot and world building did not get in each other’s way, which I hope tells readers that both are prominent without being overpowering.

      Having seen many other reviews on that site, and respecting the professionalism of its reviewers, I really could not ask for more.

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