The Writing Life: The White Rabbit Beckons


So: thoughts have been gathered, and revision begins.

There is a lot to do. So right now I’m oscillating between this.

And this.

The thing is not to blindly rush in, or panic about how much there is to do, though that is tempting. I have to remind myself not to get bogged down in minutiae (so easy!), and stick with the big picture.

One foot in front of the the other, breathe. Take your time. You might not have a lot of it, but rushing just wastes it.

Let’s look over another chapter or two before bed. Tomorrow will bring with it more opportunities to advance. So I’ll do that then.

panic GIF



2 thoughts on “The Writing Life: The White Rabbit Beckons

  1. Stuart Wright

    I love your oscillation comment! 🙂 That “I ain’t got time to bleed!” moment in Predator is awesome… and the Alice in Wonderland rabbit all over the place late!… I certainly flip between both states of mind as well!

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