This is my 100th posted blog!

I was going to write about my megalomania and need for control and how that factors into my writing choices this week, because recently I’ve been all too zen talking about acceptance and revised visions of what success means to me nowadays, and I wanted to remind myself that I’m still a potentially delusional patient living in the writing ward of life’s hospital. Which of course I am currently okay with! But then I saw that this would be the #100 blog published, and thought I’d just spend this space being astonished at having come so far.

*Pauses for period of astonishment.*

It really has been a long road. I really do intend to do that Mystery Blogger award that Mitch nominated me for. I really am very grateful to everyone who has stopped by and read my burbling on this, that, and the inevitable other. Thanks folks!

I haven’t been paying close attention to the numbers, but they are slowly growing. The number of blogs, of visitors, of views, likes, comments. That is awesome, and is down to just persisting, and occasionally (not often enough) reaching out to my fabulous fellow bloggers. Thank you thank you to the bloggers who have, and continue to drop by regularly with likes and hellos, it means a great deal to me. My nose remains to the grindstone, that crank (thanks JM!) keeps getting turned. I’m enjoying this, even as it represents another chunk of time to be juggled. My pool game has suffered recently, as I’ve put in far less practice, just as I will be entering a bunch of local tournaments over the next couple of weekends – let’s hope muscle memory is real! My touch shots will be all over the place, alas… On the other hand, the writing muscle has been getting exercised, and boy does it need the work!

Anyway. I think that I and this blog have come a long way, and it is good to look back and see the journey as it was taken. I am looking forward to the next 100, and have no idea where I will be when I reach that bend in the path, but it is an exciting prospect, and I hope some of you will get there with me, as it is always better to travel with friends.

Thank you all once again. Here’s to 100, and many more to come!

5 thoughts on “This is my 100th posted blog!

  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what you have to say in your next 100 posts, especially since I’m often so inspired by what you write.

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