The Writing Life: Finding Yourself Involved in a Comic Con

So a while ago you will recall I chatted on Jesper Schmidt’s YouTube channel about Morality in World building. See it here, if you missed it! My blog series on morality in fantasy starts here.

Well, he mentioned that it was not a topic he’d ever come across when discussing fantasy fiction before, so I decided to pick up that ball and run with it, and submitted a panel suggestion to Denver Comic Con: “Morality and Culture in Fantasy Fiction”, and guess what? It has been accepted, and I shall be presenting a panel at the Con this June! How cool is that? I mean look at the incredible guest list – what an honour to be part of that experience!

More details to follow as I get them, but sometime over June 15th to 17th I’ll be introducing the topic and having a chat with panelists and the audience about the joys of exploring morality and culture in fantasy!

Now I really should organize some bookshop readings, it seems backwards to do a convention before doing signings, but hey, I’ll roll with it!

Thanks to Jesper for being interested in this subject and giving me the confidence to go further with it.

So if you know of a convention you can get to (being a local boy may have helped me out here a little) and that is looking for panel submissions, the lesson here is to have a subject you’re passionate about that is a bit off the beaten path and submit it. You never know what might happen!


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