The Writing Life: On The Radio

But not with disco Donna Summer. Or prog Rush. Or ska The Selecter. Or 80s dance Taffy. Or hairmetal-tacular Autograph (sponsored by Papermate, it seemed!). Though all of that music is fantastic, you will have to make do with the sound of my voice. Listen… and remember… buy my book. And post a review after you have read it. When you wake you will remember nothing, but you will act on this message in 3, 2, 1, *snaps*.

This post is a reminder that I will be talking with the fabulous Jerry Fabyanic this Saturday (December 16th) at 1pm MST (Mountain Standard Time), which will be 8pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to give folks a reference. The site schedule has The Rabbit Hole (Jerry’s chats with Colorado writers of all stripes – check out the podcasts!) starting at 2pm, but don’t be fooled! We will be there at 1pm, a seasonal special!

To have a listen, find us on KYGT-FM The Goat, here.

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