Countdown Part 1: Strapped In

Well, I’ve gone and done it. The Thief and The Demon, my debut novel, is scheduled to be formatted.

The cover has been designed, so now all I have to do is wait until the formatted text and the cover are united, and it will be time to upload. I feel like I’m in the capsule, strapped in, and waiting for launch. There is no turning back now.

It is a strange feeling, after spending so long striving to get here. The work of writing, re-writing, editing, re-editing, proofing, re-proofing, is all behind me now, when once it seemed as if it would never end.

And there is more to be done. I and my book do not yet truly exist on Facebook, nor on Amazon or Goodreads. I know, for I have seen it stated many times in advice on getting ready for publication, that I should already have been present in online communities, but alas I allowed the work of writing to consume me, until now. If this proves to be something I regret, so be it, I could not have gone another way.

I will read my book over one more time before submitting it to the formatter. And again, when I get it back. Not to make changes, not anymore, just to make sure everything is in place, and ready for launch. I’m calm about that, at long last. I’m looking forward to introducing it to you. I hope you like it.

The Thief and The Demon is ready. So, I hope, am I.

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