In the land of my birth the bells are soon to ring announcing the New Year. Scotland has a rich tradition of celebrating New Year’s eve (Hogmanay) and day, exchanging presents, first footing, the whole thing, much of it now fading into history. I did get to be a dark haired youth as is traditional once as an awkward teen! Coal for the fire, and someone else’s Whisky in hand! A few years later on I hung around in the arctic Edinburgh street, half frozen and hoping for a kiss from a pretty stranger at midnight. Sometimes aye, sometimes naw! I believe Scotland still gets 2 public holidays, the 1st AND 2nd of January – to properly celebrate and recover from the New Year’s festivities!

My good wishes, health and happiness to you all this coming year.


I will be published this year.

And this year… I mean it!!

The rest of my intentions will take care of themselves.

Oh! 6 minutes and counting to the Scottish new year – better hit publish before it is too late!

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