July the Fourth. Who fed you… USA?

Farmers of America!

I am now an American.

I watch America praise so many types…

The fighters, the protectors, the saviours.

Minus the u of course, because I still spell savior wrong.

The American farmer is far more than you know.

If you are waking up into the fifth of July groaning from the beef, pork, chicken, rice, beans, greens and grain (beer’n’buns, baby!) overload you just enjoyed…

Thank America’s Farmers. They probably grew or cultivated everything you ate…. even the foreign sounding stuff.

America always loves to love its heroes. Time to love the heroes who feed us. Farmers. Yes there may be dubious subsidy programs, but if you live in the continental US – you are fed by a US farmer.

Don’t just thank the military, or the cops, or the firemen. Thank the farmers. Without them there is nothing. Or rather, we are thinner. And there are fewer of us.

Thank you Farmers of  America. Thank you Farmers everywhere and anywhere. There is no arrogance higher than that which imagines food comes from nowhere.

I thank all who make enough to feed another.

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